Unexpected Friendships

Learn more about how to meet new people and build a new network of friends

About the Program

Unexpected Friendships is an 8 session relationship-building tool that seeks to unify and strengthen women in a world often divided by neighborhoods, race, culture, and socio-economic status. Participants will experience purposeful interactions with a partner through videos, journaling, scripture, and talking prompts. By the end of these 8 sessions you will have built the foundation towards an authentic and rewarding friendship.

We believe although our past may affect us, it does not determine our future. Won’t you begin today to write a new story for yourself, your neighborhood, organization, or your church? Sit down and experience the transformative power of getting to know and be known by someone outside your normal circle. We guarantee you will be the one who will be blessed!

When you begin to intentionally slow down, pay attention to others around you and seek out someone outside of your normal circles you will open yourself to much joy!

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